Spring maintenance of the biolake

After the vegetative rest of the cold months, in spring the biolake prepares to blossom again in the true sense of the word: the warm temperatures encourage the growth of plants and the blossoming of beautiful flowers.

March and April are the right time to pay a little extra attention to the maintenance of the biolake, so that it can be ‘reborn’ in all its beauty.

Specifically, it is essential to carry out an early season cleaning, in which debris and leaves that may have settled on the bottom and walls of the basin are removed using the special robot. Particular attention must be paid to the filter area, which must be vacuumed in order to allow it to function properly.

If the pumps have been turned off during the winter, it is important to check them and turn them on again to restore the water circulation system.

With the arrival of spring, nature reawakens, so it is important to monitor the health and growth of vegetation, which may become excessive and affect the balance of the biolake. In the case of both lakeside and aquatic plants, if they are too lush, they should be pruned to prevent them from taking over and suffocating other species.

Once these measures have been taken, the biolake is ready for the warm season, in a blaze of colour and clear water that invites you to dive in and enjoy a magical moment in contact with nature.

If you need advice on the maintenance of your biolake or would like to know more about creating one at home, contact us!