Why choose a biolake?

An oasis of wellbeing to immerse yourself in nature, in your home

Today more than ever the security of the home and the sense of family are the most precious asset.
Choosing a biolake means giving you and your family a fortune of psychophysical well-being that is renewed over time, in complete harmony with nature.
A unique environment whose beauty is enriched with new nuances from season to season, where you can enjoy a relaxing bath and get in touch with your deepest self.


A project of value that respects the environment

Sustainability is one of the strong points of biolake, which is combined with concrete savings over time, because the pumps and systems used in its construction are low power consumption.
This ensures a reduced waste of energy which, together with the total absence of chemical products thanks to the phyto-purification system that filters the water in a completely natural way, makes the biolake a space where you can regenerate and discover the biodiversity of aquatic plants, butterflies and birds attracted by the water in your garden.

No constraints for realization and a team of experts at your disposal

With “Il Biolago Italiano” you are sure to develop a unique project that fully meets your needs, without constructive limits linked to environmental, historical, landscape constraints.
A work that enhances the entire property by integrating perfectly with the surrounding environment and renews its beauty and your well-being over time, thanks to our team always at your disposal at every stage of project development to ensure reliability, expertise and continuity, anticipating technical and seasonal needs.