Natural swimming pools

Clean, fresh water, no chlorine required

The natural swimming pools is an ornamental water basin that has all the features and advantages of the biolake, but in a more classic solution: it is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in fresh, clean and chemical-free water, but with the structural context of a swimming pool.

Dive into an oasis of natural relaxation

Give you and your family the dream of a natural bath in your home garden: a treasure chest of psychophysical well-being in which to immerse yourself in complete safety and peace, because the absence of chemical products and the phyto-purification system guarantee excellent water quality, which preserves even the most delicate skins.

A project of value tailored to your needs

By creating a natural swimming pool with “Il Biolago Italiano” you can enjoy a tailor-made project that integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment and renews its peculiarities over time, without constructive limits linked to landscape, historical and environmental constraints.