Biodiversity in the biolake

The biolake is a natural space where different plant and animal species live together, a microcosm that is surprising in its biodiversity.

Plants are one of the essential features of the biolake and, as we have read in this article, numerous types can live together in the lake or on its banks, helping to preserve the quality of the water and making it an ideal place to dive.

What’s more, and anyone who owns a biolake will certainly have noticed this: it is a natural environment that attracts numerous species of animals, which find food, water or refreshment there.

Both during the day and at night, birds, dragonflies and butterflies populate the biolake, attracted by the sound of the water and the natural environment. These are often species that have not been seen in the area for a long time.

Similarly, pets also like to spend time in the vicinity of the biolake and often end up preferring its water to their bowl!

What about mosquitoes? No need to worry: the constantly moving water of the biolake prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs and thus prevents their proliferation.